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Growing food, community.
Documenting the urban farming culture on which Philadelphia thrives.

Meet the players: 

Katy Avent

Temple Community Garden, President

Micaiah Hall

Mill Creek Farm, Farm Manager

Neal Santos & Andrew Olsen

Farm 51, Farmers

Environmental Science Students

Walter Biddle Saul Agricultural High Shool, Seniors

Edian Rodriguez 

Philadelphia Beekeeper

      Tommy Joshua        

North Philly Peace Park

Bull Gervacie

Mariposa Food Co-op, Working Member

Kristin Schwab

Luna Farms Education Program Coordinator


Greens Grow Farm, Head Farmer

Urban Farming:

Philly Edition

Locally grown produce is quintessential to urban centers. We may not, at first glance, be able to fathom the classically rural practice being mastered in cities. The status of urban farming has exploded in recent years, with a shift in public perception from hip and trendy to viable and necessary. Philadelphia is surrounded by expansive rural areas rich in long-standing agricultural traditions, and gleans much of its produce from such places. Inter-city farming, however, has become less of an anomoly and more of an aspiration for city dwellers who have migrated out of such areas and bring the necessary knowledge of farming with them. This project is dedicated to the urban farmers, the ones who have shattered cityslicker stereotypes and married the beauty of the country with the fabric of the city. 

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